conscioussness is wet

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how water changes how I think about being alive

I read this awesome article today about water.

Every once in awhile I get inspired to think about something outside of programming and water is quite an interesting topic. Water has some properties that have been said to be fundamental to complex life. It sparks thought about the complex nature of reality.

Further, this leads me into chaos theory: We can predict what happens when a single drop of water lands on a body of water but we cannot meaningfully predict what happens when multiple drops of water fall at the same time.

Similarly, we cannot pull out a single water molecule and call it wet, rather, it's an epiphenomenon feature of a system of water.

I wonder, what happens if we transpose those same questions on consciousness?


It seems we cannot predicate if something will be conscious, rather, we will observe it after-the-fact. I think that is quite the insight because it has grave implications to life as we know it.

Like the transformer, shocking everyone by how impressive it scales, only after the system is online will we observe a new conscious entity.

Conscioussness is wet.

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